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and pass with confidence

LIG works to get you those interviews whether you are an Accountant or a Chemist, a 22 year old fresh graduate or a 52 year old coming back from retirement. 

I know how burdening the pressures of paying off student loans can be, or having urgency to provide for your family. I have been there. And, I know why you might end up taking jobs with subpar organizations due to financial pressure. Don't do that. Don't settle for less. You can make it happen at PwC, Google, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs or whomever you want to work for. You just don't know the formula. Let me teach you.

And when you get those interviews... you will pass them easily with all my teachings in this program... Results are Amazing...

There is no magic formula to landing interviews with multinational companies and passing them with ease. It's the combination multiple factors that you have to know. There is a reason why preparing LIG took over a year. It's the only turnkey solution exist in the market that will not only get you those interviews, but will also teach you how to pass them. LIG unmistakably worked for 1,000s of people whom landed jobs with the world's greatest organizations, and it will work for you too.

Don't Waste Your Time...

Do you know that MOST large multinational employers post “fake” job advertisements on popular job portals to trick financial analysts into thinking their company is doing well? Now you know not to waste your time with applications don't exist. LIG teaches you the real ways.

Do Not Become Unemployable

Do you know that most HR will label you unemployable if you are unemployed/underemployed for more than 3 to 5 months? LIG program with its 10 modules of core training teaches you A to Z of how to really land interviews with hiring managers. What I teach is the only proven way that actually works and delivers results wherever in The World you are.

Interview Confidence Mastery

At LIG, I have a dedicated module teaching you how to be significantly more confident in the interviews. This module alone is a game changer. You will perform better and will no longer surrender to your nerves.

100+ Interview Questions and Sample Answers

To create such a vast resource for you, we have consulted hiring managers from various industries including; investment banking, commercial banking, FMCG, real estate, pharmaceuticals, and a few other industries. I wanted to make sure I cover all ends. The sample answers are mostly provided by the hiring managers themselves. So, this is as close as it gets to understanding what hiring managers want to hear.

The Art of Storytelling for Ultimate Interview Success 

Learn how "Hero's Journey" adapted to your own background increases your chances of passing that interview by a large margin. The framework I teach in this module is extremely effective and broken down into 4 stages so you can adapt the framework to your own background.




  • Core Training: Instant online access to 10 highly condensed and intensive course modules (Over 2 hours of learning that will help you get your foot in the door)
  • Downloadables: Resources, guides, and templates
  • Bonus Module 1: How to network effectively using my methods (This is definitely different than what you know...)
  • Bonus Module 2: Headhunters: Exclusive tips to leverage headhunters whether you are a senior or junior professional along with a global database that contains contact details of over 3,500 headhunters/recruiters
  • Bonus Module 3: Resume Review (How to create resumes that give you 10x visibility)
  • Bonus Module 4: Interview Confidence Mastery (A dedicated module that will give you the confidence boost you need to pass interviews)
  • Bonus Module 5: 100+ Interview Questions and Sample Answers (Answers prepared by hiring managers from multiple industries)
  • Bonus Module 6: The Art of Storytelling for Ultimate Interview Success