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Securing a job with your ideal employer is not a matter of luck, skill, or natural ability. It is a series of steps and competencies that anybody can learn. The best jobs don't go to the best candidates anymore. They go to the people with the best strategies. 




Whether you're a fresh graduate with no experience or a seasoned professional, a chemist or an aerospace engineer, an MBA holder aiming for their first executive position or a student trying to secure a reputable internship, these 10 core training modules will equip you with new and unique strategies that will allow you to get job interviews and secure the job you deserve with any employer.

In these core training modules I teach; best strategies that you can implement right now; how to strategically position your candidacy, eliminate the competition, when and how to make your approach along with mistakes that you should avoid.

These techniques work! LIG is a proven formula. You just need to take action.

Bonus: How To Network Effectively

While not the most effective, networking is one of the ways to get a job interview. I have a special trick that dramatically increases the effectiveness of your networking campaign by 100 folds.

Hint: It's all about the strategy...


Bonus: Headhunters

Working with headhunters can be a smart move as they have access to certain opportunities that are not advertised. However, they are unlikely to be interested in you, unless you are a well-known expert in your field. That's where my tips come in to change that equation in your favor. My tips will work to get those headhunters interested in you, whether you are a junior or an experienced professional.

This module also includes an exclusive database that contains the contact details of 3,500 headhunters from all around the world in various fields.


Bonus: Resume Review

99% of job applicants miss out on jobs that are perfect for them. One of the major reasons is because they make the mistake of writing their resumes for the wrong audience.

Most people tailor their resumes for HR when the ultimate decision maker is actually the Hiring Manager. In this module, I will teach you how to create a resume that will give you a 10x increase in visibility to the right people, which will significantly increase your chances of getting invited for an interview with the hiring manager.

Bonus: Interview Confidence Mastery

Interview nerves or jitters can ruin your chances of securing the ideal job in seconds.

Over many years of interviewing for high-level consulting projects and delivering presentations to government ministers and executives of Fortune 100 companies, I have developed extremely effective methods to handle high-pressure, high-stakes situations.

After completing this module, you will be completely confident and self-assured in any job interview.

Bonus: 100+ Interview Questions & Answers

How would it feel to walk into an interview room and already know the answers to the questions that you are about to be asked?

This bonus module gives you a book with the perfect approach and sample answers to every question you'll be asked in your interview. This book took us over 6 months to prepare and draws on the expertise of over 20 Hiring Managers in many industries from all around the world.

It is by far the best resource of its kind on the market today.


Bonus: Interview Preparation Workshop

In this module, you’ll learn mind blowing facts about human psychology and how that helps you achieve an incredible performance in your interview.

Let’s be honest, interview is a performance art. You are building a character in that 60 minutes during your interview.

“Be Yourself” advice I am afraid doesn’t pass interviews. The character you build in the interview will have to suit the needs of the vacancy. I’ll teach you how.

In my decade long management consulting career – last 5 years with PwC Consulting, I got interviewed by our clients 1,000s of times. I’ve truly mastered the art of interviews and as a result, I have reached incredible heights in my consulting career. Now, I’ll share with you those lessons so you can also master the interviews the way I did.

Bonus: Interview Simulation (In Virtual Reality)

Being successful in a job interview requires 3 elements;

1) Knowledge of the interview questions and how to approach them.

2) Interview mechanics; understanding the psychological triggers and character building, and

3) Practice.

LIG has always been the best training program for the first 2 aspects of interview preparation but for about a year into the program’s launch, I couldn’t find a solution for getting you practice properly. Self-practice in front of a mirror works to a certain degree but it doesn’t trigger emotional response. It doesn’t get you nervous.

We finally found the ultimate solution = Using Virtual Reality technology.

This is World’s first and only interview simulation in VR. Each minute you practice in your VR module will count as a minute of an actual interview experience. You will feel your heart beating as if it’s a real interview – as if I am there and challenging you.

The purpose of this bonus module is very simple; to simulate an actual interview environment, make you feel nervous, and allow you to overcome those interview nerves with the experience you gain. That’s precisely what this module delivers.

Bonus: The Art of Storytelling to increase your chances of being hired

Stories can change our worlds. They take us to authentic experiences and help us empathize with the storyteller.

Have you ever thought of using this powerful tool to gain an edge in your interview? If you knew its powers, you'd be amazed.



Bonus: Career Success Toolkit

I’ve managed over 200 projects in my management consulting career with pretty much all the top multinationals in the world as my clients. I’ve seen brilliant professionals at both my employers as well as my clients. What I’ve noticed very clearly was that sometimes the brilliance of an employee gets shadowed due to their lack of presentation skills.

I am not referring to presenting in front of an audience here. I am just referring to presenting the data, solutions, ideas, thoughts, plans - not necessarily in person but also through an email exchange.

Most of us aren’t creative enough to translate what we have in our minds to 2D presentations. Unless we have templates, we have difficulty putting things in a visually appealing way or supporting our ideas in a logical sequence.

To solve this, I wanted to give you a very important gift.  As being a member of LIG, you will get to download my very own PowerPoint templates that I’ve personally developed and used throughout my consulting career.

You can use them to present a wide variety of programs, projects, ideas, scope, progress, positioning, segmentation, reports, case studies - what you can present with these templates is unlimited.

Once you join LIG, I am confident it won’t take you long to find your ideal employment and once you do, these 80 templates will help you excel in that job very quickly and impress your managers.

These templates are worth not only thousands of dollars but also not available for sale. They can't be bought. These are my gifts to you as we celebrate the new chapter of your career.

Bonus: One-on-one Career Support directly from Deniz

My support towards LIG members goes way beyond the training provided in this course. While you are only paying a relatively small amount to have access to the program, you are also automatically becoming a part of my inner circle.

I am your consultant and here to help you get to the next level in your career. Whether it's finding a 6 figure employment, passing interviews, getting that promotion, your projects at work, impressing your managers, transferring to new departments, helping you navigate office politics, and so on, I am here for you throughout your career from beginning to your retirement.

Once you join LIG, you'll have 2 ways to interact with me.

1st - Direct e-mail. I always try my best to respond to all emails within 24 hours. You'll find my email address at the main course page.

2nd - Skype A.M.A. days. Every Tuesday and Thursday at 10 to 11 pm (Vancouver time) I am available for you on Skype if you'd like to chat with me. Alternatively, you can just chat with me anyday when you see me online. Engaging with LIG members is always the best part of my day. So, I make sure I prioritize it over other tasks.



"Deniz without a doubt is someone who is very experienced and extremely knowledgeable in the career development field.

I learned so much from him by applying some of the techniques he describes in the LIG program. I truly believe that his strategy gives you more direct exposure in front of the hiring managers compared to the conventional hiring process.

Deniz also commits to helping his LIG program subscribers and I assure you he will take time to understand your concern and will give you the best advice. I am very happy with the LIG program because I am currently applying all these techniques and I can see the results already. It takes time and dedication to see the results, be sure to have a lot of drive and patience. The program is a great one and is worth every penny and even a lot more! "

Zayna Aouni

San Francisco, CA, The U.S.

Field: IT Project and Program Management


"I started watching Deniz’s YouTube channel since I got my first interview. It provided me meaningful insights into how to structure my answers. However, I still failed few interviews until I signed up for the LIG membership. And there came the turning point for me.

Coming from China, having my master's degree in Ireland, and looking for jobs in top firms in the country presented many challenges for me. I had to be competitive and I needed a program and a mentor who has been "there" to understand the competitiveness. Deniz definitely was the right person to listen to.  

Deniz was, and is, and will always be my role model in my career. After I joined LIG and went through the great content, I emailed Deniz for specific questions I look to get answers relating to my coming interview and I didn’t hope for reply because it seemed to me that the question was too complicated.

Surprisingly, not only did he reply but also with very rich advice for my situation. I couldn’t have gotten my dream job without this program. Thank you, Deniz."

Chuan Yang

Dublin, Ireland

Deloitte (Advisory)

Field: Management Consulting


“I came across Deniz while searching for some interview prep videos on YouTube, and I quickly found out that he was the real deal. Deniz’s “out of the box” approach in his videos was very captivating, so I made the decision to try out the LIG program, and I can honestly say that was one of the best investment decisions I made all year.

I was able to quickly see what I was doing wrong and got good information from the LIG program, especially, on how to adjust my overall strategy to achieve the best results from the job hunting process. Deniz was also a huge help every step along the way after I joined the LIG program. He was very responsive and made himself available to help me out when I needed some assistance...really great guy!

 All in all, I can honestly say that the ROI on the LIG program is phenomenal as long as you are willing to use the information properly, and also willing to do the hard work to get the job you want. It really felt like a dream when I started receiving multiple job offers from top companies, and I hands down attribute a lot of my success in the job hunting process to God, Deniz and the LIG program.”

Femi B.

Philadelphia, The U.S.

Field: Technology 


"A talented person is talented in everything." is exactly describing Deniz. I have never met anyone outstanding person like him. Not only is he an expert in his own technical field of management consulting but he is also open to sharing his knowledge achieving a similar success as he did.

He doesn’t hold anything back. It is rare nowadays to meet professionals who bring competence to the table with a mix of a very positive attitude and an extremely friendly demeanor.

Even when I was asking technical questions related to my own field, he was as knowledgeable as I was about it. He really is an expert in business and that’s why LIG is very different than anything out there.

Moreover, he can assess any situation with the speed of the light and provide a constructive and insightful feedback. He always supported me with an exceptional guidance throughout each stage of the recruitment process and proposed an efficient strategy for me to become successful. What I value the most is that Deniz proved to be incredibly honest, helpful and knowledgeable.

Investing in LIG programme is about much more than just learning these techniques that he teaches in the course but also acquiring a new mentor, and knowing that someone where you want to be is ready to guide you when you need. It’s a great sense of feeling."

Ala Lutz

Zurich, Switzerland

Field: Public Relations and Communications


"After going through most of Deniz’ YouTube videos, I was convinced to give a shot at his course. No where else will you find the amazing insider advice that Deniz shells out. The concise, to the point, exciting, and eye-opening modules are priceless.
Having implemented these strategies which Deniz teaches in various phone & in-person interviews, I quickly came to realize how effective they exactly are! Kudos and Thank You!
Thank you for your constant support & content, Deniz!"

Dhru Dave

New York, The U.S.


Field: Financial Analysis


"To be honest, I feel very lucky that I found Deniz in these very sensitive moments of my life. I decided to participate in his training program and I have to say it’s just wonderful! He is very methodological. You cannot find this training anywhere else!

If you want to increase your self-confidence, generate interviews with great firms, and pass those interviews, join his training! It’s worth more than what you pay for it."

Mitra Ibrahimi

Madrid, Spain


Field: Human Resources


I struggled very hard for close to 2 years, since late 2016, to get a job in big 4 consulting firms. This despite the fact that I already had a background with big 4, all the relevant qualifications and skills-sets, a university rank, a college silver medal and an appreciation letter from my National Tax director for my job performance. This apart from being a published author and a professional speaker at various professional forums in my arena. But nothing seemed to work as I wasn't a 'close fit' for any jobs at big 4s. After joining this amazing course, I learnt a lot of strategies that helped me to boost my chances to the point where I got re-hired again with a much higher salary with my old company EY but this time in Australia. I realised that my old strategies for job search were completely wrong as I was making all the applications online.

I cannot thank Deniz enough for creating this course. With his brutal honesty, affable personality and no molly-coddling approach, Deniz raises the bar of career counselling to a whole new level, which perhaps, has no parallel, anywhere on the internet or in the real world. Deniz is someone, whom you must really pay attention to for your career counselling. I have learnt tremendously from his educational videos on YouTube and especially from this amazing course.

If there is one investment that could potentially alter the way you think about your career and job with MNCs, then this is it."

Imran Hussein

Melbourne, Australia

Ernst & Young

Field: Tax services


"I am a confident marketing executive with over 15 years of experience in the field. I worked in leading organisations in my career. Early 2016, I immigrated to Canada with my family from Hong Kong with very high expectations and hopes. I never thought I would have any problem whatso ever in finding jobs.

I was certain of my CV and I was confident that my CV would sell itself. After all, 15 years in the industry with employers like P&G under my belt shouldn’t have left any doubts in employers’ minds. I was wrong. I was very wrong. 6 months after we moved, I was still unemployed and the only companies interested in me were retail stores, considering me for cashier positions. Let’s just say that it really battered my confidence. I had no option but to take it.

During my lows, one of my friends, a former student of Deniz shared with me his access details to LIG. The course was incredible. I literally learned a lot from it and realized that pretty much everything I was doing was a waste of my time.

In fact, I bought my own copy immediately so I can get in touch with this man who developed such an amazing program.

The best decision ever. Deniz took care of me, my career, and maybe even saved our family. Because, if I didn’t get a job for another month or so we would be in a very difficult situation financially. He is just a very good hearted man."

Wendy Chen

Vancouver, Canada

Field: Sales and Marketing (B2C)


"London has always been my dream city. I put a whole year studying for GMAT and scored a very high score of 730 to come here and study at one of the best business schools in the world. I made that happen but I couldn’t make it happen with top employers in the city.

I wasted so much time following wrong advise from everyone around me. Just when I was about to raise the white flag, put my tail between my legs and go back to Bucharest, I met Deniz. Not in person but I came across his Career Mastery blog.

One thing lead to another and I bought his LIG program. Things changed afterwards. It still wasn’t a smooth sailing after LIG but this time I started seeing progress. Prior to LIG and Deniz, it was just constant failing. Now, it was different. So, thanks to my parents who allowed me to stay for another 2 months, I gave it one more push.

This story has a very happy ending. I don’t want to say where I am working now, but I am exactly where I always wanted to be – in my dream city in a dream company. Brexit kind of put a dent on it though."

Alexandra C.

London, The UK

Field: Operations and Supply Chain


"I am a fresh graduate. In all honesty, I don't have much experience in job hunting and I don't know whether it is really as difficult as my graduating classmates said. My experience in job hunting was that it was almost too easy. LIG and what Deniz teaches made it really easy.

All I did was follow his instructions and that's about it. It even gave me a false self esteem. Because I started getting all these responses I actually thought for a while that I could get any job I wanted. I loved the bonus modules as much as I loved the core modules. When the time came for the interviews, I was incredible. I was so self confident, gave great answers, never even once did I get nervous, and I just simply did an amazing job.

Again I just followed Deniz's instructions. It's an excellent program and I am so thankful to you Deniz. You made job hunting and job interviewing too easy."

Claudia A.

São Paulo, Brazil

Field: Chemistry


My experience with LIG has been absolutely unbelievable. I live in Singapore. I joined LIG after around 8 months of unemployment.  My confidence in myself was at its lowest point. I joined the program, went through all of its modules, but for some reason I didn’t implement the strategies Deniz taught in the program.

I continued making at least 100 online applications per day at instead of paying attention to LIG’s strategy. I was convinced that online applications was the way to go. Looking back at that time, I think I was just pure lazy and unmotivated to make a change in my miserable life. Online applications was easy – as they advertise “jobs at the click of a button”.

Fast forward 2 months, I have given LIG another shot. I went through the modules once more but this time I took action and implemented everything he taught. That was the day that my life changed. I didn’t know it at the time but now in retrospect; that was the day the trajectory of my life changed.

3 weeks later, I was sitting with a job offer in my hand, it wasn’t an amazing offer but it was good enough to get me all bursting in tears and start paying the bills after a very long period of unemployment and depletion of my entire life savings. Singapore is a very expensive city so it’ll drain your life savings faster than you can even imagine.  Anyway, finally my nightmare was over.

I took the offer and started working in that company. But I knew that the project wasn’t completed. I now knew what I needed to do to get job interviews and pass those interviews. LIG covered both of those domains very strategically.

If I just continued implementing what I learned at LIG then I was sure that it was going to get me up to a 6 figure job eventually. That’s what I continued to do. I attended my newly found job in the day to pay the bills and continued with implementing LIG in the evenings.

After 3 months in that structure, I finally received an incredible offer from the largest telecommunications company in Singapore with a salary of multiple 6 figures and even a house allowance that lets me stay in the most luxury residences in downtown area.

It’s been a journey of a lifetime. Once I got the final job offer from my current employer, I immediately printed out the date when I went through LIG the second time, got it framed, and placed it in my hallway as a reminder that taking action creates opportunities. I refused to stay down, took action, and achieved a very successful career. 



Qiáng L.


Field: Telecommunications

Let me share with you something interesting;

There are 260 work days in most years. Assuming that you find a job with a salary of only USD 60,000 per year because of what you learn at LIG, it’ll take you just about 1 work day to get your money back. [=297/(60,000/260)].

Then, the question is; Will LIG help you find a great job 1 day faster than you could on your own?

The answer is; it’ll cut down on your unemployment or underemployment by at least 3 to 6 months. In addition, it’ll be a great enabler to shoot for higher paying multiple 6-figure jobs.

Without the strategies I teach in LIG, you're leaving your future success to pure luck.

I believe in LIG so much that I also have a guarantee for you. If you go through the program, implement what I teach and can't make your career jump in less than a month, you and I will get on a Skype call and I’ll personally help you figure out what’s not working. The coaching calls will be entirely free.

If even after our calls, in the extremely unlikely scenario that it's still not working, I'll return your money. So, there’s absolutely no risk in taking part in the program. The only risk here is not taking action and staying where you are as you get closer to unemployability or burning your future career. Let me help.


JOIN NOW (USD 297)Discounted from USD 1,199

We employed Maven Co. ( to conduct an independent survey on  500 randomly selected LIG members. The aim of this study was to record the results achieved by LIG members following our strategies and identify areas of improvement for our program.

Here are the key results

Have A Question...?

  • Q.What is your background?

    A.Until recently, I was a manager in the strategy consulting line of service at the world’s largest professional services firm; PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers). I have been a management consultant for about a decade. Prior to that, I was an analyst with Standard & Poor’s.

    I also have an MBA degree from Cass Business School of City University London.
    In my consulting career, I had the opportunity to work with over 200 large multinationals from every single sector imaginable, helping them solve their most difficult problems.

    While it was an exceptional experience being a management consultant and working with the top level executives of the biggest firms in the world, I didn’t see myself becoming a partner in the firm. The goal of million dollar bonuses no longer had a place in my newly found vision of what I wanted out of life (I call it my new vision, my wife calls it mid-life crisis)

    So, I left PwC in 2017 and set up The Career Mastery the very next day. After over 5,000 careers transformed, I have no regrets whatsoever.

    Unfortunately, most of you don’t really know how the real recruitment happens. It’s understandable though. You only hear from the recruiters and HR. Sadly, you are taking the very advice that you should be avoiding. That’s where I come in to give you a different perspective. A very different one…

    If you have 30 minutes to spare, please feel free to watch me sharing my background with you here.

  • Q.I can't afford the cost at the moment. Is there any discount?

    A.The program is already discounted down from USD 1,200. The price will only increase every year as we get more members joining.

    In 99% of the cases, it’s not a question of affordability. It’s a question of preference. None of us would want to part with our funds. We are risk averse. The problem with this mindset is that it leads to ignoring opportunities which leads to increasing your absolute risk as you spend more time unemployed or underemployed and get closer to unemployability. This is a negative feedback loop. LIG is that great opportunity. I know of LIG members who downgraded their cellphones to join the program and ended up tripling their salaries in 40 days. Join LIG right now, give your best the next 2 weeks, email me for all your questions, and if LIG doesn’t work for you, I’ll return your money. Very simple. In this equation, you do not lose anything. I take all the risks.

    We live in an extremely competitive period of time. Every minute you waste,  another great vacancy suitable to your background is being filled. It’s not even a fair competition. The one who is taught a better strategy always wins. Strategy + Effort = A Great Job Offer. As simple as that. Strategy comes from me, effort comes from you. That’s how we win.

  • Q.Do you provide coaching services?

    A.I occasionally do. But, I strongly suggest you instead join LIG. You’ll learn exactly what I would teach you in coaching sessions at a fraction of the cost and you will still have direct access to me either through emails or Skype A.M.A. days.

    If you still insist on coaching sessions, please get in touch with Jeanette at and she’ll be happy to share with you the details and my calendar.

  • Q.Are there hidden packages or recurring charge?

    A.Definitely not! There are no hidden charges or recurring payment. You only purchase the training program once and you keep reaping the benefits forever. You will have a lifetime access to the program also to me.

    I am still closely in touch with all LIG members even with those who joined 2 years ago. They joined to get better jobs, they got better jobs. Now, I help them with their day to day work problems, ie; corporate strategy, business strategy, expansion plans, project management, operations flow, corporate politics, promotions, etc.

  • Q.I am above 40 years old. Can I still benefit from LIG?

    A.Definitely. If anything, you’ll be the ones who see results the quickest. Around 30% of LIG members are between 40 to 55 years old.

  • Q.Is LIG relevant to Master's Graduates?

    A.More than relevant, it’s a must. You’ve invested 10s of thousands of dollars (like me) in your higher education and you have to break into big name employers as quickly as you can. Your diploma will not give you the interviews you think you’ll have as you get closer to graduation. You’ll find out soon. But I hope not the hard way. There’s a reason why the majority of reputable business schools employ me to come run workshops.

  • Q.What do you mean by One-on-one online career support?

    A.This comes as a big surprise to many. For some reason, most of you don’t believe that I can still provide answers to your questions without charging extra fee.
    My support towards LIG students goes way beyond the training provided in this course. While you are only paying a relatively small amount to buy the program, you are also automatically becoming a part of my inner circle. I am your consultant and here to help you get to the next level in your career, whether it’s finding a job you love, passing interviews, getting that promotion, impressing your managers, transferring to new departments, helping you navigate office politics, and so on. It is as simple as that. I am not running a greedy business, trying to maximize profits. So, if I can continue to add value to your life, I will. You need a job and I don’t need to charge extra fee each time I answer your questions…

  • Q.I am a fresh graduate. Can I benefit from LIG?

    A.If you have had at least one internship through your studies, LIG will definitely help you. It’ll increase your chances dramatically. At the end of the day, it’s a matter of managing probabilities. If you have a 10% chance of getting a great job on your own, post LIG, it’ll probably be closer to 40%.

    If you don’t have any work experience, I am afraid LIG may not be the best solution for you at this time of your career.